Autumn/Winter 22 Campaign - Port Adelaide

As the weather began to cool down over the last few weeks, our team ventured out to the historic suburb of Port Adelaide, North East of Adelaide, to shoot our Autumn/Winter 22 campaign. 

Established in 1840, Port Adelaide has been an integral part of the story of South Australia. Inspired by the port town’s history and gritty urban landscape, we set off exploring its hidden gems with the help of the talented Seb Paynter and his camera.


Every building in this historic water-side locale told stories of bygone days and set the scene for our autumnal shoot. Despite the cars zooming down the main street, the area appeared frozen in antiquity. Every corner we rounded made us feel like we were about to step back into the 1800s. Looking around, we could almost conjure up the clatter of carriage wheels against cobblestone cutting through the eerie silence that blanketed the place.    


The richness of the weathered red and brown brick and that day’s moody, overcast skies created a dreamy backdrop against which this season’s latest styles took centre stage. The eclectic mix of Victorian architecture ranging from imposing, elegant facades to humble dwellings contrasted against Django & Juliette, Mollini, Top End and Josef Seibel’s starkly modern sensibilities.


Steering away from our usual Adelaide Hills shoot locations, we enjoyed the new creative direction we took with this campaign. The contrast of old and new set against the backdrop of a once-bustling Victorian port town resulted in beautiful imagery for our campaign (if we do say so ourselves) and gave our team the perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful pocket of Adelaide’s North-East.


A mere 30-minute drive from the city, make sure you add this charming suburb to your list of weekend drives. With its narrow alleys, beautiful architecture, eerie charm and waterside location, you’ll feel like you’ve ventured far out of Adelaide. 


Our new Autumn/Winter 22 range is now available in-stores and online, with new styles dropping every week.

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