Keeping your shoes in tip-top shape is not only more sustainable (yes to less waste!) but also more wallet-friendly. Here's how we go about caring for our shoes:


  1. Find yourself a well-ventilated space, protect the surface you'll be working on and grab yourself a pair of gloves.
  2. Picking up a soft brush, start by dusting off the dirt on the shoes. Once you're done cleaning, gently wipe over with a polishing cloth.
  3. Conditioning your leather shoes with wax is very important. Take out the shoelaces and rub a little wax onto the shoe until its surface is fully coated. After giving the leather a few minutes to absorb it, wipe off any excess wax.
  4. Next, you'll want to carefully polish your shoes using a polishing agent and a brush or cloth in circular motions. Keep in mind that corners near the toe or heel also need attention and make sure to wear gloves!
  5. After that, carefully buff your shoes using grease and a horsehair brush. Brush back and forth in a sawing motion then follow up with a cloth. Conditioning and buffing your shoes at least once a month is recommended.


Preserving the life of your shoes:

  • We highly recommend having rubber sole savers added to your shoes to decrease wear and tear
  • Should the soles wear out though, entrust your kicks to a good cobbler who can replace them for you
  • We would also suggest spraying your shoes with a stain protector before the first wear


A note on wet shoes:

  • Those will need immediate attention. Towel dry them as soon as possible and fill them with old newspapers or towels to absorb moisture
  • Leave your shoes to dry at air temperature and never in direct sunlight as that could cause discolouration
  • Once dry, you can condition the shoes as you normally would


Check out our Shoe Care tab for everything you need to look after your favourite footwear pieces.