If you are looking for a shoe with the comforts of a flat and the glamour of high heels then wedge sandals would be your choice. Primarily these are summer shoes but some styles can also be worn in falls and transition seasons. Wedge sandals in its different avatars, promise to make your summer days enjoyable, vivid and off course stylish. There are more than enough styles to cater to the formal occasions, work and casual moments of your life. The first image a wedge sandal will bring is the short, airy summer dress. They go perfectly with all short and mid length dress and skirts. They will compliment your jeans perfectly – both the skinny and the flared variety. For flared jeans and loose pants you might consider the chunkier designs. You will find them in delicate, bejeweled or embellished variations to take care of your festivals and occasions and off course the minimalistic smart ones take care of your regular office and work. Pick your styles from the vast range of wedge sandals and be comfortably carefree, chic and elegant.