Caring for your boots in winter

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Like anything else, your boots will last longer if you take care of them.

Before wearing any type of leather, it’s best practice to treat it first with water & stain protector, we suggest applying two coats before wear, this rule applies for leather, suede, nubuck and pony hair.

Caring for your leather boots

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As mentioned above, apply our water & stain protector straight after purchase to provide an added layer of protection to your boots. If you find caked on dirt and mud on your boots, brush away the debris with a cloth until you have removed the debris. Always air-dry boots and keep out of direct sunlight or heat from heaters or wood fires. Direct heat and sunlight will fade leathers and cause their appearance to look dull. You can also stuff the boots with tissue paper or cloth to ensure they keep their shape whilst drying.

As part of your on-going leather care ritual, using a leather conditioner and nourisher to replenish the moisture in the leather ensures the appearance of the leather is not dull and worn. We would also suggest using a matching renovating polish to add life back into the shoes if they have scuff or kick marks.  

Caring for your suede/nubuck boots

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Again, first things first, you'll need to apply your Water & Stain Protector to the shoe before wear.
If stains appear, use a suede brush with a small amount of Suede & Nubuck shampoo and with small, gentle strokes, brush over the stain in the same direction. Remove any excess protector/water solution with a dry towel then leave the boots in a dry place away from direct sunlight to air dry. Maintain your suede boots by waterproofing every 3 months. Make sure the shoes are stuffed with paper or plastic when they're drying out so they retain their shape. 

Nubuck is top-grain cattle leather which has been sanded on the outside which results in a soft, velvet like surface. Suede and nubuck tend to stain more easily than leather so it’s important to keep on top of shoe care with preventative methods such as waterproofing. When accidents do happen, clean the shoe as quickly as possible, similarly to how we clean our suede boots with a soft bristle brush and a water/stain protector solution.
As with suede, always air-dry boots and keep out of direct sunlight or heat from heaters or wood fires as direct heat and sunlight can fade the leather and cause their appearance to look dull.


Caring for your pony-hair boots

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Taking preventative methods of care for your ponyhair boots will help extend their lifespan and will make keeping them clean easier. To clean pony hair, wipe down the area with water and (very mild) detergent solution, taking care not to get the boot too wet. Leave to dry indoors in a safe area away from direct sunlight and heat. To maintain the ponyhair, brush down with a bristled brush, you will need to take care not to knock or vigorously rub the pony hair as it can be quite delicate.


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