How To Get The Quiet Luxury Look: Shoe Edition

If you’ve been on social media over the last few months you would’ve certainly noticed the growing interest in a new fashion ‘trend’ dubbed ‘quiet luxury’, ‘stealth wealth’ or the ‘old money aesthetic’ (as it’s known by the under-25s). 

Despite the underlying political subtext (not covered here), there's no denying the current hype around this aesthetic. And for good reason. Whether your bank account rivals Shiv Roy's or not, there’s some wisdom to be gleaned from her perfectly tailored suits and cashmere sweaters. Looking to curate the perfect quiet luxury wardrobe complete with the right shoes? We've got you covered here.


What is quiet luxury?

The name is self-explanatory - this look channels wealthy style icons such as Princess Diana, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Their looks are characterised by a focus on timeless silhouettes in neutral colours, craftsmanship and quality fabrics. It’s a style of dressing that whispers luxury rather than screaming wealth. It doesn’t flaunt anything - but if you know, you know. 


Similarly to minimalism, quiet luxury focuses on an understated, effortless style that sheds logos in favour of a pared-back, harmonious aesthetic - yet it can be more experimental than minimalism. It should also not be confused with a ‘trend’ either (hence the quotation marks above). This style of dressing has long existed among the upper echelons of European/Western society, embodying their focus on well-made, practical pieces. It has gained popularity recently thanks to Succession’s perfectly groomed characters, Gwyneth Paltrow’s highly publicised courtroom looks and the Tiktok community obsessively dissecting it all.    


Why we love it

Quiet luxury centres around the idea of thoughtful consumption, shopping for investment pieces and a focus on quality. With the current state of our planet and the struggling global economy, this is an appealing idea to most of us. 


Instead of chasing the latest fads, curating a sleek, timeless and versatile wardrobe made up of quality pieces reduces wardrobe churn. This means more $$$ in your pocket, a closet full of pieces you love and that can be worn in endless ways and a smaller contribution to landfill. It also doesn’t hurt that this look oozes a quiet confidence that indicates a level of comfort in your own skin that doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. 

Essentials of the quiet luxury wardrobe

Mastering the art of looking expensive doesn’t need to BE expensive. The focus should be on sourcing well-fitting, quality pieces. Here are some key essentials:

  • A classic white button-down shirt

  • Solid wash straight-leg denim

  • Tailored pants

  • A tailored blazer

  • Cashmere sweaters

  • Knit cardigans

  • A classic logo-free bag

  • A silk blouse

  • A structured longline coat


How to shop it at Shouz

The look is never complete without the right footwear. So, without further ado, here are the styles we think you should be adding to cart to curate the perfect wardrobe. 



A classic equestrian-inspired knee-high boot has seen trends come and go and proven its staying power. Pair these with skinny jeans in a solid wash or under midi skirts for the transitional months. 


It doesn’t get more timelessly classic than a penny loafer. Whether you choose black or olive, these loafers are crafted from a beautiful leather and can be styled with sleek pantsuits, straight-leg jeans, and midi dresses.


These boots feel like they’ve been pulled straight off of the set of ‘Succession’. If they’re good enough for Shiv Roy then they’re good enough for us. These sleek smart-casual boots are perfect for pairing with straight-leg jeans, sleek dresses and tailored pants.


A classic black flat is key building block in the quiet luxury arsenal. This minimalistic flat is perfect for styling with cropped tailored pants and maxi dresses for work or a day running errands. 


These are the perfect option for a dressy knee-high boot while still feeling timelessly chic. Freshen up your look by pairing them under midi skirts and dresses. Opt for a silk option in spring/summer and knit during the cooler months. 


Whether you’re headed to work, a fancy dinner or just dressing up a daytime look, a pair of classic black pumps is a wardrobe must-have. We love styling ours with straight-leg denim in a dark wash with a crisp white button-down shirt.


Headed for a country getaway? A pair of knee-high gumboots in an earthy colour paired with jeans and a puffer jacket is the way to go for a look that feels very Royals-at-Balmoral.


Another classic loafer with an edgier, more androgynous feel yet still maintaining that understated tone. 


The flat will add a contemporary touch to your quiet luxury look. Opt for the olive green colour and pair these chic flats with a silk midi skirt and a chunky oversized luxe jumper. 


Add a contemporary touch to your business looks with Claudelle’s beautiful silhouette and soft leather in classic tan. Pair these heels with a dress in off-white and a tan longline coat for a polished look.

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