How to nail the wedding guest outfit

The secret? Good shoes. You’ve heard it before: the shoes maketh the outfit (maybe not quite so eloquently stated, but you get our drift). Finding a shoe you love is hard enough, but throw in having to find a shoe that also looks like it was made for your outfit and you’ve got yourself a recipe for stress. We’ve rounded up our favourite wedding-guest-approved shoes to make your next wedding prep a breeze. 


The wedge heel

wedge heel is a classic wedding guest shoe choice. You can never go wrong with this beautiful summery style. Whether you choose a demure, timeless pair in neutral tones or get a bit adventurous, there’s a wedge sandal for everybody.  


Make a bold statement

Dopamine dressing (aka happy dressing) is on everyone’s mind this summer. Go bold with bright colours or statement silhouettes. The beauty of a heel like this is it allows you to keep the rest of your outfit simple. And besides, people are going to talk no matter what you do, so you might as well give them something to talk about. *wink* 


Comfort, but make it shimmer

We don’t know about you, but we don’t go to weddings to sit down (current COVID situation excepted). If you’re anything like us and like to hit the dance floor, a more sensible shoe in the comfort department is ideal. But please note, we are not insinuating that you should dial down the party. Our motto: if the heel gets smaller, the bling gets bigger. 


The fashion-forward mule

Don’t discard heeled mules for weddings. This will, of course, depend on the event’s dress code, but for anything other than black tie, these stylish girls by Billini will do the trick. Perfect for minimalists and maximalists alike, these shoes are ridiculously easy to style. Our go-to outfit is pairing them with a slip dress and statement earrings.  


The classic heeled sandal

If your preferred wedding guest style is classic and elegant, you’ll appreciate these simple, timeless heeled sandals. They have the power to elevate any outfit. Probably the most versatile pairs on this list, it’s a good idea to have at least one of them in your footwear rotation to avoid the hassle of stressing about what to wear before each new event - call them problem solvers, if you will.   


The polished heel 

For those looking for extra height or a more polished shoe to complement a dressier outfit, it doesn’t get much better than these three options below. Keep things sleek and elegant with the Toledo by Billini, the Peace by Django & Juliette and the Pera also by Django & Juliette.   

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