How To Remove Wine Stains From Leather Shoes

Wine is one of the worst things you can spill on your favourite leather shoes - there’s no denying that. In its chemical makeup, it’s essentially a dye thanks to chromogens that lend it its vibrant colour. That’s why it’s crucial to treat wine stains immediately. Start by soaking up as much of the liquid as you can using a dry cloth in gentle blotting motions (never rub!). Next, our team has done the research and rounded up a few recommended wine-stain removal options for you to try. 

As always, please proceed with caution. Begin by spot-testing your chosen cleaning method on a non-conspicuous area first. And be mindful of the type of leather you’re treating. This blog doesn’t apply to suede. Proceed with caution with untreated leather and lighter-coloured leather to avoid making the problem worse. If in doubt, consider trying out a store-bought leather cleaner and carefully following the instructions on the packaging.


Without further ado, here are some DIY solutions you can try with some household items you probably have lying around:


How to remove red wine stains from leather using soap suds

Mix a solution of mild soap with water, swishing it around to create plenty of suds. Then apply only the foam with a sponge by dabbing gently on the stain (not rubbing). Rinse well using a clean damp cloth. Proceed to wipe the surface dry. You can follow this up with a leather conditioner. 


How to remove red wine stains from leather using baking soda

Sprinkle a light layer of baking soda on fresh wine stains (must still be wet). Allow it to sit for 15 minutes or so, absorbing the liquid, before gently working the baking soda into the stain using a towel. Use judgment when exerting pressure depending on the type of leather you’re dealing with. If the stain is stubborn, mix a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl with enough baking soda to make a paste. Using quick, circular motions, and working from the outside in, massage the paste into the stain and let it sit for a minute before gently wiping it off with a damp (not wet) cloth. Allow your shoes to dry naturally for at least 24 hours. You can follow this up with a leather conditioner.


How to remove red wine stains from leather using white vinegar

If you follow our blogs you would know by now that we’re huge proponents of white vinegar as a cleaning ingredient. Create a diluted mix of equal parts water and vinegar. If in any doubt, increase the ratio of water. You can also add a few drops of leather conditioner to the solution if you have some. Using a clean towel, work the solution into the leather gently and allow it to sit for something between 10 minutes and an hour. Rinse the solution thoroughly by gently dabbing at the stain with a wet cloth. Do a second wipe with a fresh cloth to ensure you’ve lifted the last of the cleaning solution. You can follow this up with a leather conditioner.


How to remove red wine stains from leather using hydrogen peroxide

Dip a paper towel in hydrogen peroxide and place it over the stain, applying pressure. Allow it 30 minutes to work and then lift the paper towel to check. If need be, repeat the process again for another 30 minutes. Do not confuse the wet mark of the hydrogen peroxide with the stain - that’s only temporary. Finish off with leather conditioner.


How to remove red wine stains from leather using salt

Fill a sock with salt and use it to absorb the liquid from the leather by applying pressure. Dip a clean cloth in 2 cups of lukewarm water and blot the stain until it disappears. Remember not to rub. Pat it dry and allow it to dry naturally.


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