How To Wear Black This Summer

We know that the camp is divided on this one. Black has always been a divisive ‘colour’, starting with the reference to it as a colour. Is it a colour or a lack thereof? Then we move on to its connotations - dark and gloomy vs chic, a lack of personality vs a fashion statement. Then we’ve got the seasonality argument insisting that dark colours are strictly for winter. It’s never ending. 

Here’s our take on all of this, we love black - anytime, anywhere. We understand that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but if you gravitate towards a sleek, dark, urban-inspired look, then go ahead and embrace black all year round. How? Let’s walk you through it.


How can you make black feel summer-appropriate?

  • Breathable Fabrics

A head-to-toe black outfit doesn’t have to look or feel stuffy. Opt for cool fabrics like cotton, linen and silk that offer breathability and look chic. They are also very seasonally appropriate, visually speaking and help create a summery feel.


  • Breathable Cuts

Unless you enjoy sweating through your clothes, we wouldn’t recommend anything skin-tight during the hotter months. Instead, embrace oversized silhouettes that offer breathability and look very on-trend. Think menswear-inspired button-downs, relaxed pants and shorts and floaty dresses.


  • Monochrome vs Careful Coordinated Colours

One of our favourite ways to wear the colour is head-to-toe black, which seems counterintuitive until you sit with it. So, hear us out. If you follow tips one, two and four, you can source a beautiful black matching set or floaty dress that looks and feels oh-so-chic.


A second option is to keep things neutral by opting for cream or white tones that will create contrast and brighten up the outfit. For example a black top, bag and sandals with crisp white shorts. 


Finally, you CAN pair black with colour but you’ll need to tread carefully to avoid it looking kitsch. Avoid neon and overly bright colours, which can look stark and jarring against black. Instead try a hint of baby blue, pink, a soft mint green or light yellow instead.  


  • Summer Shoes

Throwing on a black pair of sandals with an all-black outfit is an easy way to make your look instantly summer-appropriate.  

Other options do exist though - you can also opt for chic closed-toe slides or sneakers on cooler days.


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