Shoes for comfort

Need a shoe that can match your pace? One that runs out the door with you - no matter what you're wearing, where you're going or what you're planning? We have you covered with a list of shoes that will get your wardrobe into tip-top shape and have you walking on clouds. 
Let's start the morning with the new kid on the block - Geoffrey. This shoe is a minimal masterpiece that's fit for a busy lifestyle. Geoffrey is a lifestyle shoe that features three straps and a gold statement piece on the back of the ankle. 
It's cute, it's fun, it's comfy, and it will give your feet the holiday they deserve. This Mollini Shoe sneaker will add some flair into all your casual looks - pair with a midi skirt for a laidback look or dress up a pair of jeans. 
Kingsly is a flat that's sleek enough to pair with work-wear but fun enough to take out on the weekend. This Top End shoe has a cleated sole and a fun stripe design that's contrasted by a navy blue or white upper. 
Add a pop of colour to your look with Huston in spearmint, this Django & Juliette sneaker has a lace-up front and features a super soft leather upper. Huston also has a removable insole making it orthotic friendly. 
If you're in search of a shoe with a little bit of attitude - look no further than Ronnie. This Sala shoe mixes comfort, ease and style into a modern athleisure look while it's worn look outsole adds a bit of grunge to its minimal design. 
Always on the go? Talos by Stegmann will keep you on your feet from morning till night with its non-slip sole and breathable upper. 
It's easy to be hype for this Django & Juliette sneaker. This flexible shoe comes in three neutral colours and features a hexagonal laser-cut leather upper and statement cleated sole. 
Don't want to be missed in the crowd? Bring some joy into your life with this Top End sneaker. Joya is made from a beautiful combination of pony hair and leather and features a lace-up front and easy pull-on tab. Dress up a pair of culottes or jeans with this shoe. 

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