Shouz Staff Profiles - Meet Anna

Annaliese, or Anna in Shouz talk, is one of our fabulous retail team members and Shouz model (yes, you’ve certainly seen this face before). She is one of the kindest, most genuine and down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. Lover of good books, fashion and art, she also studies neuroscience. No big deal. The passion she approaches everything with is infectious and it’s almost impossible to have a bad day when she’s around.        

Where did you grow up?

-Gawler, just outside the Barossa (kinda)


Style icon? 

-Audrey Hepburn/Dakota Johnson


Favourite Food? 



Favourite Colour?

-I'm a monochrome/neutrals gal, so I love black, white and beige.


Working at Shouz since:

-June 2020


Give us a funny, interesting, quirky fact about yourself: 

-Ok, I did ask around and I got some interesting responses. But considering Uni is essentially my personality, it feels wrong to not say that my interesting fact is that I study neuroscience - the biological mechanisms and processes in the brain that contribute to our subjective experience as humans - mainly sleep physiology and memory. Hilarious, because my memory is pitiful! (Don’t take her at her word)


What do you enjoy most about working here? 

-I love our team and managers. They are such a beautiful group of women who genuinely care for each other and customers. I love the wide variety of things to do on a daily basis - I’m never bored and always excited or curious as to what the day will bring!


Favourite shoe trend of the season and how can people shop it at Shouz?

-I do love the sneaker trend (that is a bit of a timeless one). It’s so comfy and goes with everything - you will never take my Finni sneakers away from me! 


Favourite Shouz brand and why?

-Django & Juliette - they’re so comfy, unique and well-made!!


Current favourite style we stock and why?

-Emira White by EOS Shoes. It is a classic, sweet style that feels really sophisticated and elegant. It can go with everything and so can be dressed up or down! (Dear reader, when she says she loves this shoe, she does not use the word lightly)


How would you style this shoe? 

-I feel like it would look really cute with a midi skirt, cute dress or jeans.

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