The Biggest Trend of the Season: Silver & Gold

Silver and gold are everywhere. Love or hate this trend, it’s pretty hard to escape it. But also, why would you? Very few colours in our wardrobes are as bold, fun and versatile as the metallics. Feeling curious? Read on to explore our team’s favourite picks from the Summer 23 range

The Metallic Sneakers

White sneakers are great and we’re not trying to drag them through the mud, but we swear that metallics are a smidge better. Silver or gold sneakers are like white sneakers after they’ve had their morning coffee and put their make-up on. They’re the same person, doing the same things but they just feel and look a little better. 


  1. Bump Champagne Shine
  2. Jovi Silver
  3. Lunit Silver


The Metallic Heels

Ditch the nude heels this summer for something more fun and fashion-forward. And let’s let you in on a little styling secret: gold and silver go with almost every colour in your wardrobe, just like nude - but, again, better.  


  1. Lukka Silver Rainbow
  2. Yusuf Platino
  3. 536002 Gold


The Metallic Sandals

Nude, white, tan and black - we see these colours pop up on sandals and slides summer after summer. We do love a good wardrobe classic to fall back on but if you’re anything like us, then you’re itching for something a little different. And this is where we’re advocating for everybody to embrace silver and gold metallic sandals this season.


  1. 155347 Silver / Gold
  2. Rocio Silver
  3. Oslo-16 Sin Silver/Leopard


The Metallic Flats

We love them, but between us, flats do have a bit of a reputation for not being the most fashion-forward of shoes. The metallics trend is here to change that because, hello, have you seen these schmick beauties just ready to give your everyday looks the zhuzh they deserve?!


  1. Beyond Silver
  2. Derby Supersoft Silver
  3. Derby Rhinestone Gold

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