The Enduring Power of Combat Boots

As ubiquitous as they are today, this wasn’t always the case for the edgy combat boot. From their beginnings as tough, practical men’s military shoes, these boots have managed to make their way into the wardrobes of sartorially inclined women worldwide. 


They first started gaining popularity in the 60s and 70s as part of the UK’s grunge movement. They infiltrated America in the 80s and 90s and made a splash on the high fashion scene in 1993 when Marc Jacobs, in a bold move, put them on the runway for the Perry Ellis show to the horror of the fashion set. The move cost Jacobs his job at Perri Ellis, but created a wave in the fashion world.  


Today, these boots aren’t as subversive as they were once deemed but still pack a punch aesthetically. They’re an easy way to toughen up a feminine look by creating a playful contrast within your look. 


If your first thought when picturing these boots was a chunky black pair, we’re afraid you've got some catching up to do. Coming in every colour of the rainbow nowadays, a chunky black pair is only one of many options you have. Without further ado, we’ve rounded up a range of our favourite combat boots for you to shop this season right here at Shouz.


Mikan Black




Sanja 01 Schwarz 


Sienna 70 Ocean Suede 


Sienna 17 Moro


Sanja 04 Ocean


Sayde Cream


Mekhi Emerald



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