Three trends to try this season

Look, the warmer months are great. There’s nothing quite like spending a day in the ocean; or an ice-cold mojito on a sunny afternoon; or feeling the sun on your shoulders. But… with every high, there comes a low. 

Fly after fly on the shoreline; cold chills that refuse to stay in winter; or a touch of sunburn after a scorching Aussie afternoon (sunscreen is important year-round, folks!).  

Whether it’s a good spring day – or a bad one – the last thing you want is an ill-fitting pair of shoes. You need a fit that’s as comfortable as the day is long and as stylish as you are – which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best shoes to take on spring with. 

The Mule

Season after season, the mule pulls through – it’s a classic and versatile shoe that could be paired with culottes, dresses or even jeans. It’s the type of shoe that could take you from a warm spring day to a chilly night with ease. 

Some of our favourite mules…

Acaptain by Mollini Shoes

Oh, Captain! My Captain! This peep-toe front shoe has a woven interlocked upper, slip-on design and stacked block heel

Alaska Mule by Sol Sana

Alaska in tan is the embodiment of sunny days, outdoor parties and warm late-night dinner dates. This mule sits on a 3.5cm heel and has a modern squared toe – another trend we love!

Elia by Sol Sana 

Gearing up for the (socially distanced) party season? Take Elia by Sol Sana as your date. This heeled mule features a statement buckle, open-toe and 6.5cm heel. 

Colour, colour, colour

Neutrals will always have a place in our heart – but after the year that was – is – 2020 we need something colourful, bright and bold. Think sunny shades of yellow and orange, blends of pink and blue or an unexpected green. 

Some of our colourful picks this season…

Jazmin by Django & Juliette

Django & Juliette never misses a beat – and Jazmin is no exception. This sandal is a show-stopping piece that’s bright enough to light up your whole day. Our favourite detail? The multi-coloured straps. 

Brenda in sunset by Django & Juliette 

Designed in collaboration with Melbourne based artist Kirsten Jackson; Brenda in sunset is proof – if you needed any – that art doesn’t just belong on your walls, it’s wearable! Brenda is an orthotic-friendly sneaker that will add more than a splash of colour to your wardrobe. 

Hardin by Django & Juliette

Whether you shop Hardin in fuchsia, yellow or even white. This bright, bold and comfortable flat will take you through both the colder and warmer days of spring with ease. 

The wedge

Wedges are a style that keeps on giving, season after season after season; and the wedges of this season feature platforms, sling-back straps and textured uppers. 

Wedges we love… 

Bloomy by Django & Juliette

This 6cm wedge heel is the perfect match for a pair of culottes and a cami for a casually dressed up look. Plus, it comes in six colours – so you can shop it any way you like. 

Aldona by Django & Juliette

We heard you like to keep it casual? We understand, and that’s why we have Aldona. This wedge is completely on-trend, it features a flatform sole with a slight wedge, bold cutout vamp and statement lace-up vamp. 

Brayan by Djagno & Juliette

Make your mark on spring with this wedge/platform hybrid – Brayan has a peep-toe front, beautiful leather upper and 2.5cm wedge as well as a feature cleated sole. Pair this shoe with a pair of jeans. 

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