Top ten best travel shouz

Jetsetting somewhere soon? We’ve got your feet covered! Discover our favourite shoes to take when jumping around the globe.

Derby by Rollie

The perfect travel companion never complains, is never late and looks a little something like DERBY by Rollie. Designed for the wanderer each pair weighs 20g or less, which means packing them is a no-brainer! They’re comfortable, breathable, and stylish. They come with a (removable) moulded energy-returning insole and they look like a whole lot of fun!

Upgrade your street style whilst travelling with GISELE by Django & Juliette. The hidden wedge heel means you get those extra centimetres but your feet are still as comfortable as they would be in a flat shoe. The soft pin-punch leather moulds to your foot and twin zipper means getting them on and off are a breeze!

huston by django and juliette

Travel with style and comfort, HUSTON by Django & Juliette has the softest leather inside and out. The padded (removable) insole makes walking long distances a breeze and the treaded and flexible sole means that most of the lumps and bumps of uneven pavements are absorbed into the rubber!

nerja by verbenas

White like the sands you should be lounging on. NERJA by Verbenas is simple, lightweight and oh-so-comfortable. Just a simple slip-on with a cushioned insole and treaded sole. The jute rope detailing screams ‘take me to the Bahamas!

Don’t let your feet sweat the small stuff and stay airy in OSTA by Top End. The built-up treaded rubber sole keeps your feet elevated off those hot sidewalks and as comfortable as ever! The soft hole cut leather will mould to the shape of your foot providing you with gentle support and endless amounts of style! Perfect for airport and plane commutes as they are easily slipped off and on!

peppa by stegaman

Let your feet relax into PEPPA by Stegmann. The soft leather will mould to the shape of your foot and will also let your feet breathe in the warmer weather. Let your inner explorer walk for miles on the padded (removable) insole and flexible sole without the ache that a flat shoe might cause.

zoe by merral

Lightweight and comfortable are two words to describe ZOE by Merrel. The knit design paired with elastic cord and lock lacing means that ZOE will conform to your foot and give those travelling feet ultra support! The removable insole is EVA tri blended and shaped to support all three arches of the foot meaning long days standing around will be no sweat!




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