Trend Report: Metallics

Not everything that glitters is gold. It could be better than gold. It could be a shoe. It could be a gold shoe even. 


While there’s nothing we love more than a gold shoe, we want you to expand your metallic shoe arsenal to include more than just gold. Think big. No, not silver. Or even rose gold. Get creative. They’re both great colours, and feature on this list, but metallic shoes are coming in all shades of the rainbow this season. 


Shining, shimmering, splendid - a metallic shoe is a raging 70s disco party for your feet. They’re the perfect way to add texture and visual interest to your look without too much effort on your part. Whether it’s a casual daytime event, work attire or evening look, we’ve made it our mission today to round up all our favourite metallic moments from our Spring/Summer 2022 range below.       



A Heeled Mule - Stanlie Fuchsia Metallic Multi

This is your fun friend - your always-down-for-a-good-time friend. She lights up every room she walks into. She knows how to make a pantsuit feel playful and a classic dress feel fresh and fashionable.  

Another Heeled Mule - 4890002 Cristal Multi

This is your fashion-girl friend. She doesn’t just love clothes - she breathes in fashion as an art form. She knows that the secret to a good look is in the silhouettes. So she keeps things clean and simple with asymmetric cuts, beautiful fabrics and silhouettes that embrace a touch of androgyny.  

A Low-Heeled Mule - 4920004 Pewter

This is your fashion PR friend. Cool, calm and collected - she always looks effortlessly chic in a very understated way. Her practical style is perfect for her on-the-go life (hence the low heels). And it’s all in the details…she might go for a classic low-heeled mule but her good taste shines through in her choice of material and finish. 

A Sneaker - Leitha Platino

Being a busy super-mum doesn't mean this stylish lady is compromising on style for comfort. Just like she can do it all when it comes to everything else, she knows that she can have it all when it comes to her fashion choices. A chic sneaker in a sleek metallic finish is the runaway winner for her.

A Cute Slide - Ibiza Rose Gold

This gal is laid back, practical and prizes comfort. But she wants to look cute going about her business as well, of course. So, it’s only natural for her to look for a classic silhouette with a directional twist. A metallic finish does exactly that.  

A Sandal - Jewelsy Platino

Flirty and feminine, our girly girl here has a sweetness to her that’s hard to resist. Her style is quite classic - she loves a pretty dress and appreciates a range of colours. At the end of the day, everything works well with metallics. 

A Classic Flat in Classic Gold - Fovo Old Gold Scratch   

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - she’s confident, self-assured and unafraid to announce her presence. The boardroom is her playground and her bold fashion choices make that clear. She loves a tailored suit or a denim and blazer combination.

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