What Is Business Casual Attire?

Business casual is a vague dress code that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Your industry and individual company dress codes will be largely responsible for determining exactly what that entails. We won’t attempt to decode exactly what that means for each unique setting here but what we will do is lay out some of the basic principles that underpin this style of workwear and some of our favourite Shouz shoes that fit the business-casual bill.

What’s business casual attire?

In essence, business casual is a more relaxed version of traditional office attire. It’s a professional dress code with some casual elements. It’s not to be mistaken for smart casual attire though. They are two distinct dress codes.


Generally speaking, when it comes to business casual attire think more relaxed and less structured suiting, polished separates (mixing and matching is encouraged), the incorporation of more prints and pops of colour and more relaxed silhouettes. You can steer a little away from austere colours like black, grey and navy as well as slim-fitting tailored pieces that feel very restrictive. You still want to look polished and professional but you can put a personal touch on your look.    


Our recommendations for nailing business casual attire


1- Serah by EOS Shoes

These versatile loafers are perfect for business, business-casual, smart-casual and casual looks alike. Their classic style will never feel over or under-dressed and they are as comfortable as they come. Opt for the beautiful Olive colour in Nubuck for something a little unexpected.

2- Derby City Neutral by Rollie

These platform Oxfords by Rollie are perfect for more creative offices that still require business casual dress. They bring bucketloads of personality with their platform heel and leopard print while still retaining an otherwise classic silhouette. 

3- Brummel by Django & Juliette

For a more conservative choice, go for these Brummel brogues that will add an androgynous touch to your favourite workwear looks. We love pairing them with a pantsuit for the office.

4- Hinnis Pewter Shimmer by Django & Juliette

These Hinnis Pewter Shimmer Leather heels have just enough oomph to keep them feeling fun and fresh thanks to their clear heel and pearly finish while maintaining office-level appropriateness in the form of their pointed toe and slingback

5- Claudelle by Mollini

These Claudelle slingbacks feature a high-cut vamp and vintage-inspired heel. They effortlessly mix timeless design with contemporary elements to create a chic shoe that slots in as perfectly into your business-casual wardrobe as it does into your after-5 repertoire

6- Shia White by Django & Juliette

This is a bit of a grey area because, for many traditional workplaces, sneakers don’t count as business casual attire. But if yours allows them, a classic pair of slip-on sneakers in white paired with a pantsuit is a great way to add a fashionable touch to your professional wardrobe.

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