Before we give you our dazzling spiel, let’s address the elephant in the room - yes, Shouz is pronounced exactly like ‘shoes’ (but with a little extra something). It’s all in the attitude, you see. So, welcome to Shouz! Let's help you find your perfect pair of shoes.


Our approach is simple - we’re an Australian family-run and owned boutique stocking a tasteful range of footwear curated by women, for women. We like to get a little creative with our selections and we appreciate individuality, which is why we like to make sure there’s something for everybody within our range - from sky-high heels to comfortable walking shoes. 


Our story started more than 45 years ago, in a little boutique on King William Road in Adelaide when a then 23-year-old Annette McInerney set out to single-handedly build a business in a heavily male-dominated industry. Since then, her daughter, Kate, has also joined the business as General Manager. Together, our mother-daughter duo's dedication and commitment to crafting the perfect customer experience have helped Shouz grow from a single shop to four brick-and-mortar stores plus an online store operated by a team of 20 incredible women. Needless to say, none of this would’ve been possible without the sweet contributions of Annette’s grandkids, little Grace and James (follow us on social media to catch their special cameo appearances!).