5 Ways to Dress Up Your White Sneakers

White sneakers are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe yet it’s easy to feel like you’ve worn them in every possible way. It’s even harder to try and think of ways to dress up your favourite pair of shoes. If you’re anything like us, then most of your outfits will consist of a white sneaker component and you’ll find it hard to swap them out for anything else, let alone something less comfortable, come dressier occasions. Below we’ve set out 5 easy ways to dress up to your favourite wardrobe piece.    

Sneakers With A Suit


A pantsuit has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the last few seasons and has quickly become a workwear essential. Whether you prefer more feminine silhouettes or lean more towards looser, androgynous styles, pairing a pantsuit with crisp white sneakers is an easy way to dress up your sneakers while also putting a fashionable twist on a classic outfit.  


Sneakers With A Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses can often feel a little overwhelming so pairing them with a white sneaker is an easy way to make the look feel relaxed. Opt for a platform sneaker that will give you a little bit of lift and elongate your frame. They also look very cute when they peek out from under the bustle of your dress.


Sneakers With A Midi Skirt

A well-made satin or pleated midi skirt paired with a silk button-down, silk cami, or other smart-casual top is an easy way to dress up your white sneakers. In turn, your sneakers will also tone down the buttoned-up feel of your look. Stick to classic silhouettes here to keep your look polished.   


Sneakers With Trousers

Pairing your sneakers with darted trousers in an oversized, menswear-inspired style as seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can transform your look. Finish off your outfit either with a white tee, ribbed tank top or sleek button-down shirt. 


Accessorizing Your Sneakers

Your accessories are just as important as the clothes you choose to pair your sneakers with.


A Note on Bags:

Structured bags will add a more polished touch to your look. A chain strap is also a good way to make your look feel dressier. 


A Note on Jewellery:

Chunky gold pieces will instantly elevate your look. As will anything with colourful gemstones, rhinestones or pearls. 


A Note on Belts:

A belt can transform an outfit, especially when it comes to maxi dresses and tailored pants. A thin belt is sophisticated and adds polish while a thicker belt is a great way to add a fashion-forward touch to your look. 

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