Brand Feature - Rollie

Few brands spark as much joy in the way that Rollie does. Designed around individuality, creativity and comfort, discover why we love them and all our favourite new Rollie styles in today’s blog. 

The Brand

Designed in Melbourne by husband and wife duo Vince and Kat, the idea behind Rollie was to create a simple, lightweight, travel-friendly shoe that expressed this creative couple’s unique take on life. 10 years on and we’re still loving their crazy prints, bold colours and unapologetically fun styles. Their famous ‘Derby’ shoe is a modern iteration of a classic Oxford shoe and was what launched their success. Today, they design a variety of comfortable flat shoes ranging from platform Oxfords to slides, sneakers, sandals, loafers and more. 


Technology and Comfort

Trying on a pair of Rollies for the first time feels a little too good to be true, and yet it is. Soft, flexible and comfortable, you can forget about breaking in time. These shoes were designed to be worn straight out of the box. 


Rollies' padded, removable insoles also sit on a lightweight, cushioned EVA midsole. This breakthrough material is at once supportive and giving, with the ability to stabilise your movements - all while being incredibly lightweight. They’re perfect for supporting you through busy days and equally as perfect to throw in your suitcase on your next trip without costing you your luggage allowance (click here for our guide on the perfect shoes to pack for an overseas trip).   


Individuality and Creativity

Yes, their shoes are comfortable and well-designed, but what we love most about Rollie is the brand’s spirit. Unafraid to take a risk, Rollie embodies a creative, well-travelled life lived to the fullest. 


Embracing yourself and your quirks is at the core of their design ethos. They don’t believe in fitting in. They believe in actively standing out. Whether you’re looking for your next pair of work shoes or a fun style to trot out on the weekend, Rollie’s range is here to make sure you’re living your best life.

1 - Derby City Neutral Leopard


2 - Side Zip Bone/ Neutral Leopard


3 - Derby Soft Bone Tumble


4 - Derby Gold Foil Leopard


5 - Sidecut Punch Walnut


And that’s just a few of them! Check out our full range of new season Rollies here and keep an eye on our ‘New Arrivals’ for more fun Rollie styles rolling in every season (pun intended).


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