Alternatives to white sneakers

Our trusty white sneakers have been through thick and thin with us. They’ve seen us at our best and also at our...not best. But even the best of friends get tired sometimes. If you’re anything like us though, you might find yourself reverting to your default classic style as soon as you find yourself drawing a blank trying to think of alternatives. As a disclaimer, we will say that the alternatives are probably a tad less versatile than their white counterparts, but we know you’ll appreciate the wardrobe refresh. Without further ado, here’s what you should be shopping to switch up your casual looks this summer.


Amelia Sun

With all this talk of dopamine dressing, these literal rays of sunshine fit the bill to a T. We’re huge fans of anything and everything yellow but we’re loving the colour more than ever this season. These sneakers are also perfect for another trend we’re very into this year: colour blocking. Two birds, one stone.

Amelia Orange

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re big fans of these Amelia sneakers, and this Orange version is divine. It just looks like a perfect summer day in shoe form - soaring temperatures, pool parties, cool watermelons, cold fizzy drinks and bright skies. Again, this vibrant hue is perfect if you were looking to dabble in colour blocking.

Peppy Rubin

Still popping colour-wise, but a little warmer in tone are these Peppy Rubin sneakers. They’re a little more serious and polished than the Amelia’s but will add the perfect finishing touch to a crisp all-white outfit.

Giles Caramel

The Giles Caramel sneaker is for our lovers of neutral and earthy palettes. These gorgeous sneakers are perfect for a tonal spring/summer outfit, especially on cooler days when layering is recommended. They’re also the most versatile pair on this list and will go with most of your summer outfits.

Ultra Cheetah

Another major trend this year has been the animal print craze. Looking to add some cheetah print to your summer looks? We love these cute espadrilles canvas sneakers. Bonus: they have a small platform heel. They’re also more breathable than leather and perfect for summer. This print is also much more versatile than it looks and has the power to elevate any outfit. 

Nora 3 Platinum Silver

Metallics are an easy way to not just add a fun pop of colour to your look, but to also incorporate fun textures that will make your outfit stand out. Silver especially will go with almost everything in your wardrobe and is surprisingly versatile. You won’t regret getting these.

Ydun Pearl Dark Olive

You can almost picture these cheeky sneakers winking at you with a mischievous twinkle in their eye. Unique, quirky and unapologetically themselves, these shoes feature a stunning olive green base and gold thread detailing on the upper - certainly a shoe for the maximalist.

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