Shouz Staff Profiles - Meet Julie

Our Julie, also known as Jules, is an Adelaide local who’s been with us since June 2020. This stylish lady is loved by customers and the rest of the team alike for her kindness, warmth and compassion. She’s the kind of person who will instantly put you at ease, whether you’ve known her for five minutes or five years. Did we already mention how incredibly stylish she is?


Favourite food?

-Grilled garfish  


Favourite colour?



Give us a funny, interesting, quirky fact about yourself?

-When I laugh uncontrollably I have been known to snort! (I can’t believe I am telling you this)


What do you enjoy most about working here? 

-Working with strong, independent, creative women who all have the same goal and that is to make the customers experience magic. There is no better feeling than a customer coming into a store especially to let you know how much they love their new shoes!


Favourite Shouz brand

-Django & Juliette. They make great sneakers.


Current favourite style we stock?

-That’s a hard one. I own Finni and Laila and love both but I’d have to say at a pinch my Black Lailas probably win by a smidge. I love the simplicity of the shoe and like the side zip.

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