Brand Feature: Fitflop

Dream-like comfort and playful summery styles come together for the wedding of the ages with FitFlop. It’s the party of the season for both your wardrobe and your feet - equally. Or should we say, it’s been an ongoing party for your feet since 2007 when Canada-based FitFlop reinvented the wheel by introducing a shoe that was more than just a pretty face at a time when comfort and style were two exclusive cliques that just did not click. Sounds simple, right? Not right.


Bucking the idea that you had to achieve one at the expense of the other, FitFlop set out to create a comfortable shoe underpinned by a thorough understanding of biomechanics (yep, they’re not just talking fluff). This essentially means that they study how our bodies move and why they move the way they do and then design shoes accordingly. Their research and development team is led by the incredible Dr. Kim Lilley (PhD in Biomechanics). And you know the only thing we love more than a great shoe is a female-led team doing amazing things.


Now for the good stuff - what exactly are you getting with a FitFlop? A shoe ‘that’s going to feel just as comfortable when you start the day as when you finish it’ - in the words of Dr. Kim Lilley. In even simpler terms, that’s all-day comfort. It doesn’t hurt that these cute sandals feature a retro early 2000s-inspired design (or Y2K, as the youth would call it) that’s very on-trend. 


Being the only retailer to stock these cute sandals in South Australia, we sure do feel like the cat that ate the canary. With 12 cute styles hitting our shelves this season, you’re going to feel spoilt for choice. To make life easier, we’ve rounded them all up for you here today so you can secure your favourite pair of thongs ahead of the warm weather. 


Fino Metallic Rose Gold

Fino Metallic All Black

Lulu Crystal Midnight Navy

Lulu Crystal Cream

Lulu Crystal All Black

Lulu Leather Rose Gold

Lulu Leather Light Tan

Lulu Leather Black

Lulu Glitz Silver

Lulu Glitz All Black

Lulu Leather White

Lulu Leather Tender Blush

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