How to Create the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe: Shoe Edition

We’re strong advocates for a good capsule wardrobe. The benefits are plenty: it saves you money, space, and brain power. Knowing that you have a small range of carefully selected pieces that you love and that will always look great together will make the decision of what to wear every morning much simpler. We have a limited capacity for decision-making every day so why not save your brain power for more important things? 

The Why 

The idea behind capsule wardrobes is simple, and doesn’t require you to throw out everything in your wardrobe or start from scratch. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. With sustainability being a core driver for those adopting capsule wardrobes, the approach is to start with a wardrobe edit. 

Go through everything you own and identify the pieces you love, giving away or selling the ones you don’t (don’t throw them away though - the aim is to keep items out of landfill!). You then identify gaps in your wardrobe and add a few key pieces to your rotation every season to keep things feeling fresh. 

The How

The key when shopping for a capsule wardrobe is to buy less but buy well. Invest in the best quality pieces that you can afford and take care of the items you own. Focus on neutral colours such as nudes, whites, blacks and browns and timeless silhouettes that you can rely on season after season. 

That’s not to say that your wardrobe needs to be bland. If your style is maximalist and you enjoy mixing and matching then by all means, buy that leopard print shearling coat! What we do suggest for the most part is that you rely on timeless classics and supplement that with statement pieces here and there. Instead of stocking your wardrobe with trendy pieces, make those the accent pieces - the exception rather than the rule, if you will.

Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe

After sorting through your own closet, you might find yourself with gaps in your wardrobe. That’s where we come in - in the footwear department, at least - so that you’re never left feeling like you have nothing to wear. Below, we’ve rounded up the 7 key pieces we think every stylish woman needs in her well-rounded shoe closet.      

White Sneakers

Everybody at Shouz HQ agrees on this one. White sneakers are a non-negotiable wardrobe staple. This versatile style is perfect for pairing with everything from pantsuits to flirty boho dresses. 

Penny Loafers

The penny loafer is enjoying a resurgence and we’re thrilled. While it’s currently enjoying its high ride on the trend cycle, this wardrobe staple will always be a trusty wardrobe classic. 

Chunky Sandals

These will be your go-to everyday pair during the summer months. The chunkier silhouette feels timeless and contemporary at once. It lends any outfit an effortless air and is perfect for balancing out looks that would otherwise feel too done-up. 

Dressy Sandals 

A strappy flat or heeled sandal is perfect for summer events. A beautiful, barely-there pair of sandals will complement any summer look.

Flat Boot

A classic leather ankle boot is a must-have for colder days. We love a classic Chelsea style in black or tan with a low heel as it never goes out of style.  

Black Heeled Ankle Boot

For dressier occasions, a black heeled ankle boot is a must-have. Whether you’re styling them with straight-leg denim or a cute dress, these boots will always make you look and feel polished. 

Classic Heel

A pointy toe pump is a great option. And while we love a black pump, it doesn’t need to be so sombre. You can opt for a pair featuring fun colours or embellishments to keep things fresh.  


A heeled mule is a slightly less dressy version of a classic heel for when you want the height without fully committing to a stiletto. We’re loving square-toed variations and feel that they add a chic, timeless touch to any outfit. 

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