How to Walk in Heels

Heels are as tricky to walk in as they are stylish. The secret to gliding in your favourite pair comes down to a few key points. It’s something that will take time and practice and as with anything else, it’s best to start small and work your way up. Below, we’ve set out our 9 top tips to master the art of walking in heels.

1- Pick a suitable heel height

Picking out a heel you can actually manage will make for a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, you also want to consider a shoe that provides a little more support in the form of a chunkier heel, an ankle strap and a thicker toe strap. Heeled ankle bootswedge heels and platforms are a good place to start.


2- Make sure your shoe fits

Your heels should feel snug but not painful. Walking in heels that are too big or too small is like setting yourself up to fail. 


3- Add shoe pads

Not only are these great for filling up space when your shoes are a little too big, but they add an extra layer of comfort that makes it easier to walk gracefully in heels. It’s hard to look elegant when the balls of your feet feel like they’re on fire.   


4- Walk heel to toe

Resist the urge to stomp and instead take your time placing your heel down first, followed by your toe. Push your weight through your pelvis as you walk, lifting your ankle, bending your knee and then straightening as your heel strikes the ground. This makes your walk look and feel more natural.


5- Take shorter steps and walk slowly

Keep your steps short and slow down the pace. With your foot arched in a heel, you can’t take your usual long strides. Rushing will only push you to take awkward steps. Focus on putting your foot down correctly instead.   


6- Lean back slightly and look up

Your natural instinct may be to stick your head out and lean forward as you try to rush through your steps. You want to do the opposite of that by looking up and leaning back, which will allow you to balance correctly. 


7- Arch your foot

This is useful especially if you feel your foot slipping in your shoe. Arch your foot slightly as you take each step, putting pressure on the inside of the shoe. This will help the shoe fit closer to your foot and make it easier to manage.


8- On stairs

Going up the stairs you need to reverse the logic we instilled earlier. Here you need to make sure you’ve got your weight on your toes to avoid accidents. Going down the stairs, tilt your body sideways to face the railing and plant each foot fully on the stairs as you descend. 


9- On grass

To avoid sinking in the grass, transfer your weight to the balls of your feet. Trust us.  

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