How to look after your metallic leather shoes in 6 easy steps

We love a metallic moment - be it silver, gold, bronze or bursting with colour. Our beautiful metallic leather shoes aren’t just like regular leather shoes though, they’re definitely cooler. But that also means they’re a little more precious. We can let that slide though because they’re so cute. And the solution is pretty simple too - just be a little more careful with them and follow proper care instructions. See? Super simple. Read on for the details on how to do that.

What is metallic leather?

Metallic leather shoes are made by bonding a metallic laminate/coating/pigment made from different materials like aluminium, bronze, foils or metallic powders onto the leather to give it that stylish sheen. Different finishes can then be applied to achieve varied looks. The end result is a beautiful, stylish accessory that requires extra care and attention to keep it looking good.  


There are a few different finishes that we wear and love. Metallic cracked leather is an artisan process resulting in a unique yet delicate finish. Metallised leather is usually smooth leather with metallic effects. Leather with a bright metallic look is also made from applying a foil to smooth leather in thin layers which gives the effect of making the leather look like a polished metal surface. Leather with a metallic effect is made from dyed leather that is then covered with a clear lacquer top coat effectively giving it its metallic effect. The effect is very subtle and only results in a metallic shimmer rather than a full metallic look. 


Cleaning method

  1. Start by gently wiping loose dirt off your shoes. You can also use a soft horsehair brush.

  2. Next, take a gentle cleanser and gently wipe over your shoes with a soft cloth. You can also use a damp cloth instead of a cleaner.

  3. After cleaning, apply specialized metallic leather care products to maintain your shoes such as shoe polish, leather conditioner and leather cream. Read our leather care blog here for more. It’s important to select products explicitly designed for metallic leather though while following the same processes. Avoid anything alcohol-based or containing beeswax, solvents, silicon and mink’s oil. 

  4. Let your shoes dry out entirely before putting them away. Allow them to dry naturally out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources.

  5. Once dry, apply waterproofing spray from a distance of 8-12 inches. Apply a thin layer and let it dry. This is crucial if you’re wearing your shoes in wet conditions. 

  6. If your metallic shoes feature a cracked metallic leather finish, these are extra sensitive and should be cared for the way you’d look after suede shoes - click here for our suede shoe care guide.

Care Tips

  • Metallic leather shoes are more delicate than regular leather shoes. They’ll scuff and scratch easily and, unfortunately, once that happens, they can’t be re-foiled. They will also age with time and that metallic finish may fade. Take extra care with them but also embrace the character that comes from owning a well-loved pair of metallic leather shoes for an extended period of time. 

  • Your metallic shoes can’t be polished and that’s part of the reason why you can’t simply gloss over scuffs and scratches as you would with regular leather. 

  • Apply waterproofing spray regularly to avoid water stains, especially if you plan on wearing your shoes in wet conditions. 

  • Store them in a shoe bag to protect them from dust and humidity. Stuff them with a shoe tree or crumpled papers or rags to maintain their shape.

  • Only use gentle cleaners and specialized metallic leather products that won’t strip the metallic finish off the leather. 

  • Avoid anything alcohol-based or containing beeswax, solvents, silicon or mink’s oil. 

  • Never clean your metallic shoes with bristled brushes as that will scratch them. Use a soft cloth instead. 

  • Assess the type of metallic leather at hand, use discretion, and test on an inconspicuous surface first.


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