Winter Trend Alert: Gumboots

Rainy season is here. You’re either jumping for joy at that or drowning in your own tears. There’s no in-between. Either way, we think we’ve got just the thing to brighten up those long winter days. Whether you love a good old rainy day or not, everybody loves a cute pair of boots. And you know what they say, there’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy to help you battle the (winter) blues. Below we’ve set out a few water-resistant gumboot options to ensure you’re living your best life even on the coldest and dreariest days. This is your cue to go for that walk, jump in them puddles and enjoy yourself year-round.   

City Black

Stylish city girls, this one’s for you. These City boots by Lemon Jelly hit the mark in terms of fashion cred, comfort and practicality. They offer a flattering mid-calf cuff and a chunky platform sole paired with a water-resistant upper and orthotic-friendly insoles.  

Colden (selling out fast!)

If you’re looking to get your hands on this cute pair of boots you’re going to have to move quickly because we only have 2 sizes left in each colourway. Take your pick of black or neutral and enjoy the deliciously warm faux-fur lining on these boots that will keep your feet snug.


Coming in 4 stylish colours, our personal favourite is the Parisian-inspired Laurina Navy Stripe ankle boots. These cute boots are perfect for styling with dark blue jeans paired with colours like navy blue, shades of red and warm, earthy colours. 


The edgy Gaudi boots by Verbenas come in 3 stylish colourways/themes - pink, leopard and khaki. Which pair do we prefer? We couldn’t tell you so we recommend you add all 3 to your cart. 


If you were looking for a stylish knee-high option, hear us out - this Alerce pair really is the best of both worlds. And it comes in a stylish black and olive green colour. We're sold.

We firmly believe in the restorative impact of a good pair of gumboots on your overall well-being in the colder months. This is not scientifically backed but our team will gladly swear that a good pair of new boots has a 100% chance of improving their mood. If gumboots aren’t your thing, we’ve got hundreds of different boot styles that we know you’re going to love. Click here to browse our Autumn/Winter 23 range.

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