How to make your Oxfords/brogues look fresh

We love Oxfords/brogues as much as the next person, but sometimes even our favourite pairs can start to feel tired. When a style has been around for so long, coming up with new, fun ways to style it can often feel like an exercise in futility. We feel you, which is why we decided to put together this blog to help you reimagine your favourite footwear style this year by drawing on popular trends that have taken the fashion world by storm this year. The best part? Every one of these ideas is office-appropriate. Let’s dive in. 

-Go for a bright pop of colour or a bold print (hello dopamine dressing!)

Rollie are the kings and queens of colour. What better time to be embracing Rollie’s bold hues than now, at the peak of the dopamine dressing craze? The classic Oxford is a shoe often associated with more conservative, preppy looks so it feels a little subversive to sport them in more irreverent colours, and we’re all for it. This lighter tonal direction will open up a slew of styling opportunities and make this classic shoe a little more playful.  


-Try a platform

If colour isn’t your thing, keep things classic but add a modern twist by opting for an exaggerated platform heel that’s right on-trend. This style works with absolutely everything in your closet, from office attire to casual Sunday brunch looks and everything in between. 


-Style with socks

No, we don’t mean teeny-weeny invisible ankle socks. We mean visible above-ankle socks. In bright colours. And prints. Or just white. Take your pick. The schoolgirl-inspired trend is a fun way to refresh this classic look and give it a contemporary twist.


-Style with oversized, androgynous silhouettes

The Oxford/Brogue and suit combination has been a trusty wardrobe staple for women the world over for years now. Instead of the traditional tailored, slim-fitting suit though, opt for an oversized, menswear-inspired look that feels more effortless and au courant. You can choose a full-length pant or a cropped look, the choice is yours. Bottom line though, the fresh styling will breathe new life into your favourite pair of shoes. 


-Embrace the preppy vibe

Anybody with a social media account wouldn’t have been able to miss the resurgence of the school girl chic look both online and in real life. Polished two-piece skirt sets paired with preppy footwear has been all the rage amongst the fashion set. While some of these looks can be outlandish, it’s easy to incorporate elements of this style into a more grounded wardrobe. Choose structured outerwear, tailored miniskirts in a slight a-line shape and high-neck tops in earthy or neutral tones for an effortlessly chic ensemble that feels very on-trend.

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