How to style statement shoes

One of the easiest ways to elevate any look is by adding a pair of statement shoes to your outfit. That can mean different things to different people, but essentially, a statement shoe can be a brightly coloured pair, one featuring a fun print, exaggerated proportions or details, or be ostentatious in some other way. It’s usually the hero piece of an outfit and is a bold choice for those who enjoy garnering attention for their fashion choices. As lovers of a bold shoe, we want to make the idea of reaching for such a pair less intimidating. So, we’ve gone ahead and outlined three simple strategies to experiment with when it comes to styling your favourite statement shoes.

1 - Keeping the rest of the outfit simple

This is the easiest strategy to follow. Whether it’s a shoe in a bright print, bright colour or funky silhouette, keeping the rest of your outfit simple in terms of shapes and colours is one of the best ways to create a clean backdrop against which the shoes will pop. Think monochrome looks, neutral tones and jeans and tops in classic cuts and colours. Keep your accessories simple too. 


2 - Matching details

Another great way to elevate a statement shoe is to match one detail in your shoe to your outfit/accessories. You could go the route of matching your shoes to your bag. Another trick we love to use if our shoes are patterned is to bring out one colour in the print and highlight it by matching it to another part of our outfit. For example, bring out the green in your shoes by wearing a skirt with some green in it or adding a green scarf. Or if your shoes feature heavy gold or silver embellishments, wear statement gold or silver jewellery to match.  


3 - Going all-out

The core concept to grasp here is that more is more. Go bold - think clashing colours and prints, playing with texture and proportions, experimenting with tonal dressing, and head-to-toe matching of loud colours and prints. It takes some experimenting to get right and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. But if you were seeking a sartorial adventure, this is the way to go. 


Happy styling!

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