Made in Spain, Portugal, Turkey & Brazil

This Autumn/Winter 23 range is as international as our team here at Shouz. From Australian designs to the vivacious colours of Brazilian brands, the beautiful leathers of Spanish and Turkish brands, and the innovativeness of the trendy Lemon Jelly from Portugal, this year’s range is bursting with colour, personality and style.


We love supporting everything Australian but we also love the flavour that international brands bring to the table. From innovative sneakers and gumboots made from recycled rubber to carefully crafted premium leathers, our international brands are keeping things fun and exciting for Autumn/Winter 23


Made in Brazil

Hailing from Brazil, we have Carrano and Chrissie with their chic silhouettes and bold colours. Geometric heels, pointed toes, suede uppers, and timeless classics reinvigorated with a contemporary touch are the order of the day here.

Rachel by Chrissie

Raffy by Chrissie

501005 by Carrano

Made in Spain

Spain brought us churros, but it also brought us cutting-edge shoe designs, and we don’t know what we’re more grateful for. From classic leather styles to cool gumboots, our Spanish brands are injecting some vigour into the Autumn/Winter 23 range thanks to Verbenas, Recykers and Unisa.  

Gaudi Black/Leopard by Verbenas

Malibu by Recykers

Alerce by Unisa


Made in Turkey

Turkey is well-known for its centuries-old leather tanning industry. And the proof is in the pudding - the Sala shoes you love and keep coming back for season after season are made from a buttery soft leather that’s hard to beat.  

Ripper by Sala

Made in Portugal  

While Portugal is also known for its leather, this season we’re focusing on the chic, cutting-edge shoes coming out of Portugal courtesy of Lemon Jelly. This brand is infusing a playful spirit into everything they do. Hot tip - not only are these boots adorable, but they’re also some of the most comfortable shoes we’ve tried on (and we’re tried on a lot of shoes). 

City by Lemon Jelly

Colden by Lemon Jelly

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