Mothers & Daughters

Mother’s Day is a special occasion at Shouz. With our all-female team spanning multiple generations, naturally, everybody had a touching (and occasionally funny) story to share about motherhood. The one thing they all shared was the love and appreciation they all had for their mums and little ones. Mums are often the unsung heroes in stories, always giving without expecting anything in return. So, we’re taking today to acknowledge all the wonderful mamas out there ahead of Mother’s Day to let you know how much we love and appreciate you. You deserve the world. 

From left to right - Annette McInerney (our founder), her granddaughter Grace, and daughter Kate Rieger (Shouz General Manager)


Looking to give your mum a special new pair of shoes? Another reason to read on to find out what our team will be shopping this Mother’s Day.  


Mums of Shouz


Favourite thing about being a mum?


Kate R - Seeing the pure joy in your child’s face when they see you for the first time at childcare pick up, the best cuddles and getting utterly absorbed in appreciating how magical it is to see life through a child's eyes again.


Funniest/nicest story of a parenting moment with your kids?


Georgia - Singing in the car on the way to daycare and Teddy telling me "Mamma, why don't we just sing in our heads" followed up with "that would be a good idea, wouldn't it".

Ideal way to spend Mother’s Day?


Doris - My favourite way to spend Mother's Day is being at home with all of our children and their partners. As loud and as crazy as it gets, nothing makes my heart smile more than this.

Julie W - Always love homemade cards and picnics.

Favourite pair of shoes for looking stylish and managing mum things?


GT - Vivandy Black by Django & Juliette - They're so comfortable and the gold chain detail makes me look fancier than I am

Julie W - Love my white Brenda shoes that can be worn with anything and everything!

Doris - I love my Brenda's by Django and Juliette. I have them in both white and tan. They compliment any outfit and are so comfortable!

Kate - Shelina - In black AND latte ;)

Daughters of Shouz


List 3 words/short sentences that describe the best qualities/things you love most about your mum?


Zeina - Fearless, unapologetically herself, her warmth


Coti - Kind, funny, empathetic


Favourite memory of you and your mum?


Anna - Every Saturday morning or every morning we are home together, we sit down in the kitchen for coffee and talk for what feels like hours about everything and anything, tears, laughs, lessons, we have it all.


Morgan - One of my favourite memories with my mum is when she came to visit me in Adelaide, and we got to go to the Barossa to taste wine, to port Noarlunga to swim and most of all to port Lincoln to go shark cage diving!


How would you best treat mum on mother’s day?


Kate - Homemade card from Grace, coffee and brekkie in bed with lots of Grace cuddles and lunch with my Grandma so the 4 generations are together!


Kate G - Treating her to a day out spent together maybe doing a pottery class, shopping and her favourite; Vietnamese food.

What shoe would your mum love for Mother’s Day?


Zeina - The Shelina Black Suede by Django & Juliette

Anna - She would look great in the Happie Red Suede!

Coti - The Maries boots by Django & Juliette have my mum's name written all over them :)

Morgan - I think I would probably buy my mum a pair of nice long boots, probably the Ammies in Cognac. She would love them, but would never buy them for herself.

Kate R - Pluma - Old Gold (does it come with a heel though?) ;)

Kate G - Comfort comes first, the Huston or Seline in chestnut

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