Shouz Staff Profiles - Meet Karen

Shouz Staff Profiles - Meet Karen


Recognize this face? We’re kicking things off with a Shouz all-star - Karen. If you’ve visited us in-store at Burnside recently, Karen’s face will certainly be a familiar one. But what you may not know is that she’s been with us since the year 1996 (we’ll let you do the math). She knows our stores, products, and (most importantly) our customers like the back of her hand. She’s one of the most hardworking and dedicated people we know and will always say it like it is. We can’t imagine Shouz without her.

Karen Quote


Where did you grow up?

-Adelaide born and raised


Favourite food?

-I love Asian food. How could you not?!


Favourite colour?

-Black is always the new black.  


Funny, quirky, funny fact about yourself?

-I love a good laugh. And a toasted sandwich. I’m loving pesto, tomatoes and cheese right now. You’ll know I’m there if you can smell the toaster burning. 


What do you enjoy most about working at Shouz?

-You can just be completely yourself here. It’s a very open and supportive environment. 


Favourite Shouz brand?

-We have so many great ones, but I’d have to say Django & Juliette. Love their funky range of styles. They have such a variety and they’re always fun.


Favourite shoe style at the moment? 

-Finni sneakers because style + comfort is always a win. And they come in a range of cute colours. Would recommend them to everybody. 



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