Shouz Staff Profiles - Meet Kate, Our General manager

Shouz Staff Profiles - Meet Kate, Our General Manager

There’s always a common thread uniting people who work at the same company. Ours appears to be food - from ice cream in a mug for breakfast, to toastie obsessions, we bring you yet another - apples. Our General Manager, Kate, has had a confounding obsession with apples since childhood. And maybe that’s her secret? She juggles motherhood and running the family business (and makes it look easy). Plus, she has the best head for numbers that we’ve ever seen. Seriously scary stuff. So eat your apples, kids.     

Where did you grow up? 



Style icon?

-Margot Robbie


Favourite food?

-Can I say coffee and wine? ;) I love a good Spaghetti Bolognese but also have had a weird obsession with apples since I was a child.


Favourite colour?



Give us a funny, interesting, quirky fact about yourself:

-I have two webbed toes on my right foot and two semi-webbed toes on my left. NOT ideal for the industry I'm in!!


Working at Shouz since:


What do you enjoy most about working here?

-The interaction with our customers and team. And the variety in my role from staff management to buying to serving our customers on the shop floor and also being a part of the marketing and growth of our online presence. I love seeing how far we've come since Mum started the business in 1979. 


Favourite shoe trend of the season and how people can shop it at Shouz?

-Neutrals - they’re the perfect versatile wardrobe staple! Bronza in Pale Pink, Arba in Nude, Lazy in Ecru and the super elegant Paiton and Pickle are personal favourites.    


Favourite Shouz brand?

-I can't pick! I love all our brands. I'm a huge fan of Mollini, Django & Juliette, Neo X and EOS though, and they’re all great for different reasons. D&J and Mollini are stylish and fun and Neo X and EOS have a classic European flair. I have a really diverse wardrobe and feel like each brand works for different outfits.


Current favourite style we stock?

-Loving the Petti in Blush from EOS. The leather is like butter and it's the perfect heel for a long day at work or for heading out for a casual drink with friends. I can also chase my 14-month old around in these while still trying to look half stylish (and won't roll an ankle at the same time!)


How would you style this shoe?

-Love it with a printed midi dress or a cute two-piece pant and jacket paired with a casual t-shirt.

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