Shouz Staff Profiles - Meet Lisa

Lisa has been with us since June 2013 (time flies!). Since then we’ve thoroughly enjoyed her infectious energy and charm. We had a ball at our staff shoot watching her pose for her headshot, which got us thinking she might have a career in modelling if the whole retail thing doesn’t pan out for her. We picked the top three photos to share with you all here but we think you’d agree with us if you saw the rest of those snaps. #superstar    

Where were you born?

-I’m an Adelaidean through and through. I lived in Flinders park until I was 24 and have lived in West Lakes up until now.


Favourite food? 

-Seafood. Especially Morton Bay Bugs. Anything fresh and seasonal. We’re so lucky in Australia to have quality seafood at our doorstep.


Favourite colour?

-I love most shades of green but I’m partial to khaki.


Give us a fun, quirky, interesting fact about yourself?

-Morning coffee. I cannot start my day without it. I must have mine at 11.00 am daily wherever I am - work, home, out or on holidays. 


What do you enjoy most about working here?

-Our extensive range of shoes, staff, and amazing, professional and friendly owners.


Favourite Shouz brand? 

-We have a selection of Spanish brands that I really enjoy. Nu by Neo is probably my favourite. I love their style, quality craftsmanship, fit and how fashion-forward and comfortable their shoes are.


Current favourite style we stock?

-All our sneakers, really. We’ve branched out in recent years and have added a large variety to our seasonal collections. We’ve got a range of colours, styles and size ranges to suit everybody. A sneaker is always a good idea - they’re the perfect blend of comfort and trendiness and suit all ages.

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