The Ultimate Shoe Facelift

After a long period of loyal service, even your most trusted shoes will start to feel a little tired. That doesn’t mean that they should relinquish their place in your wardrobe though. There are things you can do to get your favourite shoes looking regenerated and rejuvenated, just like you would after a day of pampering. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

Find a Good Cobbler

This is one of your best bets. A good shoe repair shop can do things like resoling worn-out shoes, replacing the heel cap on heels, polishing up worn toes and fixing any other signs of wear and tear. Think of it as a Mia Moskowitz to the Princess of Genovia type of transformation, so it’s definitely worth finding a good shoe repair shop near you. 

If you are one of our local Adelaide shoppers, we recommend Ideal Shoe Repairers found at 174 Hutt Street Adelaide.


A Good Clean

A good clean using the right cleaning agents and techniques will do wonders for an old pair of shoes. Check out our recent guide on how to clean scuff marks here

Leather Shoes

The process of cleaning your leather shoes should involve leather conditioner and polish to keep that leather soft, supple and shiny. Check out our shoe care guide here. And stay tuned for a more comprehensive leather cleaning blog coming soon!

Suede Shoes

Suede is a tricky material to look after, hence why we’ve dedicated an entire blog to cleaning suede shoes. One of the best things you can do for them is to give them a thorough brushing every once in a while to lift dirt and stop it from getting ingrained in the material. But make sure you follow the carefully laid out instructions in our blog! 


Eucalyptus Solution

Eucalyptus solution is great for restoring the dirty soles of sneakers to their original pristine white condition. All you need is a tea towel to work the solution into the material. Please note, this is only suitable for rubber and not for leather.


Fresh Laces

Nothing screams new shoes like a clean set of laces. This is an easy way to give those beloved shoes a much-needed makeover. Either pick up a fresh pair of laces or wash your old pair thoroughly to get them looking like new. 


Protective Spray

When you’re done with your makeover, remember to finish things off with the equivalent of a setting spray (of sorts). Investing in a good quality protective spray that’s suited to the material of your shoes is important to making sure they continue looking like the best version of themselves. And remember to reapply regularly. 



The last but arguably most important step is to store your shoes properly after all that hard work. In fact, it’s so important that we wrote a whole blog about it that you can read here. A couple of key things to remember are to store your shoes somewhere with air circulation and out of direct sunlight because the latter can permanently alter the colour of your shoes. 

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