Staff Tips: Choosing Shoes with Good Arch Support

After spending hours serving customers in-store our staff know a thing or two about comfortable shoes. In today’s blog, we uncover some of the key things you need to be looking out for when shopping for new shoes, especially if comfort is one of your top priorities. And one of the main determinants of a comfortable shoe is its level of arch support. So, let’s dive into the 5 key elements you need to be looking for in your new pair.

1. A bit of an incline in the arch area

That bit of structure in the form of an incline in the arch area offers your foot the support it needs as it makes contact with the ground.


2. Thicker soles

You want to avoid soles that sit too close to the ground. A thicker sole will absorb the shock of your steps better and exert less pressure on your foot and maintain the support required for preventing your ankle from rolling in. 


3. Slight incline in the form of a very low heel

It’s well known that high heels offer no arch support. But what you may also not know is that completely flat shoes don’t either. So, look for a shoe with a very low 1-2 cm heel instead. 


4. A solid footbed

People often think that a soft and flexible footbed/outsole that bends in every possible direction equals a comfortable shoe. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case as an overly soft sole offers your foot minimal support. The only part of the shoe that really needs to bend is the part under the balls of your feet. A solid base is important to make sure your feet are stabilized as they hit the ground and maintain appropriate form.   


5. Cushioned innersole, especially in the heel and ball area

While the outsole needs to be solid, the innersole needs to be soft, padded and offer sufficient cushioning especially on the balls of your feet and heels. This will help distribute weight more evenly, absorb shock and, in turn, reduce pressure on your feet. A bonus and game-changer include padding in the arch of the foot to keep your arch supported if you have a higher instep.

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