Three Shoe Styles You Need To Get Comfy In Lockdown

And we’re back in lockdown mode. *Collective sigh* And back to comfort dressing with leggings, PJs, and matching loungewear sets (if you’re fancy like that). Footwear isn’t really the first thing we tend to think about when we think lockdown, but here are four - very convincing - reasons why it should be on your mind:

  1. Your feet need to be comfortable and supported
  2. Lockdown isn’t forever - you’ll need new gear for your fabulous post-working-from-home life
  3. You’re still going out for essentials and exercise
  4. Shoes bring joy and we all need a bit of that right now - put on something nice just for yourself and watch your mood shift

Without further ado, here are three shoe essentials to add to your socks/slippers rotation:

The sneaker – an all-round winner

Most of the Shouz team swear by sneakers, come rain or shine. They’re casual, they’re comfortable, they’re chic and they’re versatile. Whether you’re running out for groceries, enjoying your 90 minutes of exercise or just lounging around the house or garden, get yourself feeling a little more put-together with a funky pair. Here are our favourite lockdown picks.

Sala Mini Sala White women's white sneakersRollie Weekender Candy Green women's sneakersWoden Eve Suede Mesh Beige women's sneakers


The boot – because it’s cold and it's wet

It’s the dead of winter in the southern hemisphere; temperatures are still low and the rain is still pouring down. You need boots. Keep yourself snug in a cutesie pair around the house, a sturdier pair to brave the elements on your daily walk, or a more elevated style to dress you up for your daily fashion parade (ie. your trip to the grocery store). Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with our fave styles.

Nu by Neo Hf-2004One Green Nubuck women's comfortable ankle bootsTop End Oreva Taupe Suede/Taupe Fur women's comfortable ankle bootsRollie Fields Chelsea Black/Gold women's Chelsea boots


The fancy-schmancy shoe - for those Zoom meetings when you want to go all out

Lockdowns are no vacation, unfortunately, and most of us still have to get that bread. It’s easy to go the minimal effort route for a Zoom meeting but, trust us, you’ll feel 10x better about yourself if you polish up your appearance a touch. So put on that fancy new pair of flats/heels and show up to work like the boss that you are. And besides, you’ll have a slick new pair of shoes to parade on your first day back at work. Win-win.

Rollie Derby Aqua Tweed Black women's Oxford shoesPitillos 6425 Black women's chunky loafersTop End Farish Pinot women's heeled Oxford shoes

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