We’ve Rounded Up Four Things to Help You Get Through Lockdown

We all know that lockdowns are crucial for keeping our community safe and we’re all doing our best to stay positive. Yet there’s no denying that lockdowns are tough. We’ve been thinking about the things that have helped us navigate this difficult time and have rounded up our favourite activities, meals, and TV shows that we think you’ll enjoy too. Hang in there!     


#1 Moving our bodies

Several members of our team are avid walkers and love exploring on foot. Venture out into your neighbourhood and check out that new house two streets over, assess the neighbours’ new paint job, or grab your phone and get artsy with photography. Or make a dancing Tiktok in public. Go wild. We’re rooting for you.


#2 Food

It’s tempting to spend the day eating whatever we can get our hands on when we’ve got plenty of time to kill, not much to do and zero motivation to do it. Our solution – make food the activity. You’ll be keeping yourself busy while exerting minimal effort and feeding yourself something delicious. Our favourite easy recipes are…

This super-easy and absolutely delicious Margherita pizza. You’ll feel incredibly accomplished afterward because you make the dough from scratch (honestly, easier than making a sandwich). Note: try drizzling olive oil on your slice and topping it with rocket. *Chef’s kiss*

Easy Margharita Pizza recipe

Image credit: BBC Good Food

This oven-baked feta pasta dish exploded on Tiktok a few months ago. We think it’s totally worth the hype because it’s simple, fresh and filling.

Feta Pasta

Image credit: The Washington Post

These refried bean quesadillas are a little more time-consuming but pretty straightforward to make. They’re a real treat but be prepared for the ensuing food coma.

Refried Bean Quesadillas

 Image credit: BBC Good Food


#3 TV Shows

We’ll be the first to admit we’re bingeing TV shows. When you’re consuming so much of it, it’s easy to run out of new stuff to watch. Here’s what we’re loving right now...

-          The Serpent (Netflix) - For crime lovers. This is based on the real story of a 1970s conman/murderer.

-          New Amsterdam (Channel 9) - A medical drama featuring diverse characters and stories touching on relevant socio-cultural issues.

-          Schitt's Creek (Netflix) – The best comedy in the history of comedies. That’s all.

-          Victoria (Brit Box) - Expect luscious costumes, stunning sets, and incredible acting in this period drama.

-          Luxe Listings Sydney (Amazon Prime) - If you enjoy watching people drop 24 million dollars on a harbourside house like they’re buying a Big Mac then gorge yourself on this feast for the eyes. 

-          Love Island UK (Channel 9) - Trash TV at its finest. If you’ve ever felt dumb, watch this and you’re guaranteed a confidence boost.

-          Lupin (Netflix) - French TV takes the cake with this incredible show about a Parisian con artist's adventures. 

-          Call My Agent (Netflix) - Follow the lives of French talent agents as they run around Paris cleaning up after their A-list celeb clients. 


#4 Shopping

Last but not least, a lockdown is prime time to not only invest in comfy new loungewear but to revamp our wardrobes. We’ve recently invested in neutral oversized sweaters, leggings, and…shoes. We mean, lockdowns aren’t forever and besides, we still need shoes. In fact, we’ve written a recent blog post to make our case. We think you’ll agree once you’ve read it.   

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