Born in 1992, Ambra has since become a leading premium brand of hosiery in Australia and beyond, specialising in items to minimise, smooth or shape with discretion. Distinguished by competitive pricing and long-lasting quality, the brand offers an extensive range of shape-improving styles in body-wear, tights, activewear, socks, hosiery and other accessories. As their success continues to grow, Ambra is now available in New Zealand and the UK as well, offering great fit and durability. Made with a superior blend of nylon, elastane and cotton, explore Ambra’s range of pantyhose, tees, knee-highs, opaque tights and no band anklets with features like ‘climate control cool touch’ yarn innovation and seam-free comfort at Shouz. We promise that this brand can fast become your best friend, with perfectly designed products that disguise problem areas in a comfortable way.