Brand Feature - Neo Shoes

Neo’s story is an exotic tale of craftsmanship and heritage underpinned by a sense of adventure. This Australian brand draws inspiration for its forward-thinking designs by looking to its rich past. The brainchild of designers hailing from a long line of shoemakers, Neo Shoes was founded in Fremantle, WA in the 1980s with a vision to bring elevated, directional design to the modern woman. 


Originally from Brindisi in southern Italy, the family migrated to Istanbul, Turkey at the turn of the 20th century. In 1950, the family again made another move to India before continuing on to Australia to start a new life. They merged their global vision and rich shoemaking heritage to bring Neo Shoes to life in Australia. Their Autumn/Winter 22 range is a celebration of the brand’s design tradition of focusing on classical themes re-interpreted for the modern age.   


Ag-21520 Tabacco

Ag-21542 Black

Ag-21534 Skin

Ag-21518 Camel Patent

Ag-21540 Black

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